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Based on a true story, and featuring boldly drawn illustrations by Andrew Thomas, “Me, My Dog and a Sheep,” author Melissa Mullamphy describes the love, grit, and determination her family experienced during Grizzy’s journey and highlights the bond between a boy and his dog.  The story offers a gentle lesson on a tough subject – a pet diagnosed with a severe and potentially life-threatening disease – that perseverance and love is the most important medicine of all. Young readers will hang
on to every word.

Meet Grizzy and his best friend Luke

What is so special about the sheep?

Canine Wobblers

Miracles can happen if you don’t give up!

The Dodo covered Grizzy’s amazing story where he learned to walk again.

It was reposted in over 10 countries that we know of and over 70 million views globally!!

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Me, My Dog, and a Sheep is a true story about a dog that never gave up. We lead a group called @grizzysjourney on Facebook and Instagram and celebrate animals, educate, and share information.

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Boy gets his best friend back Grizzy!! The Dodo