The Dodo Does it Again!! A Christmas Miracle in Honor of Mr. Griz

***New Video*** Thank you.

When Grizzy gained his wings in October, Eli from The Dodo reached out. Outstanding human being and organization. He asked me to send him some footage to honor Grizzy, but life got in the way, and he did it himself. I woke up to this today sent by a friend, and we all watched it on the big screen. Nothing will ever take his place, but our crazy gang of dogs helps. I’ll never be able to thank Shaker Vet, Jenn Wolfe, Ken Wolfe, Kellie Strock, Patterpaws Vet, and Dr. Jason Berg. In trying the times that we find ourselves in today like Grizzy, never give up. Miracles do happen.

Grizzy’s journey to walking

to learn more about his journey, and you can also check him out on Instagram: Grizzy’s story was adapted into a children’s book and is available here:

 In loving memory of Grizzy.


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